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"The World That We Will Create Together"

Posted by Jamee Greer at Sep 22, 2014 01:40 AM |

"The World That We Will Create Together" by special contributor, Monica Beemer, KBOO Community Radio/Western Regional Advocacy Project. Portland is hosting the PNW Social Forum on September 26-28th and activists are encouraged to register and share their issues and connected to others.

"The World That We Will Create Together" by special contributor, Monica Beemer, KBOO Community Radio/Western Regional Advocacy Project

I was raised in rural (Newport) and urban (Portland) Oregon and I feel both are a large part of my culture and who I am.  My activism is also inspired by the beauty of being surrounded by so much beauty day in and day out. I'm sure that is true for many of us.

Through my 12 years of work at Sisters Of The Road in Portland, I learned that the same disregard for the care and sustenance of our beautiful land is also imposed on the people in my neighborhood and in my circle.  I knew this, but the shock of witnessing people who are poor and/or houseless be criminalized, blamed and treated like they deserve the trauma of their situation - not only by the police but also by the people who have bought into the messaging of the mainstream media - made me sick and infuriated, every single day. As in all situations, the violence doled out to women, people of color, and people with disabilities was even more severe. It was a daily task to stand up for each other’s freedoms and vision a way out of this violence for everyone. And I had a home to go to at night. Why can't everyone?

When I put this all together, the destruction of the planet and the people, I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked so incredibly hard over the last 14 months, with so many amazing comrades from across the region, to help bring the US Social forum to the Pacific NW. The USSF and the PNW Social Forum are places where we all work together, across our fronts of struggle, identifying the common enemy/the source of the destructive violence, learning and struggling and most importantly building an informed and collaborative strategy to create a sustainable and sane economic and political system for our homes – together. This system acknowledges the trauma of oppressions and will work for accountability, healing, and vision. I believe this will be an entirely new system, one that is based in the care of the people and the planet and not on profit. This is the only way to the future at this momentous time in history that we live and struggle within. And it will take all of us.

Please join us Friday night, Saturday and Sunday afternoon, September 26th - 28th — for the Pacific NW Social Forum in Portland, Oregon ( and help us build our Pacific NW Plan of Action for Social, Economic and Climate Justice. There will be People's Movement Assemblies (PMA's) in Indigenous Treaty Rights, Mass Incarceration, Housing and Homelessness, Gaza/Palestine, and much more.  People are coming from across the region to gather and build strategy and relationship together. Childcare is available if requested ahead of time. Spanish interpretation is available for all events. Food & beverages will be plenty.  Registration is $10-$100 sliding scale with the opportunity to do two hours of barter-work to help out in exchange for full registration.

I hope to see you there and on to the world that we will create together!

Monica Beemer, KBOO Community Radio/Western Regional Advocacy Project

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