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April 2011 eNewsletter

In this issue: progress towards trans equity; download "Gender Dominos" tools; a guest blog on a workshop highlighting LGBTQ immigrant experiences; and help us re-name CSTI!

Dear friend,

In the work that we do, we often confront the invisibility and marginalization of certain communities. Basic Rights Oregon and Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada have been working, and succeeding, in bringing visibility and justice to the trans community. Having shared language is a core foundation of this work. In this enews we share with you “Gender Dominoes,” a tool from our Uniting Communities: The Toolkit.
A guest blogger writes about a workshop hosted by CAUSA and BRO that highlighted the experiences of LGBTQ immigrants and their struggles. We’ve also launched a name change campaign for CSTI and need your ideas!

In Solidarity,

KK First Name





Kalpana Krishnamurthy, Gender Justice and RACE Program Director


Trans-Forming Equity: From Nevada to Oregon


Here we share the work of two groups that have long relationship with the Center in gender justice and building political power work- and their contribution to trans equity. 

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Trans Justice Working Group

- Basic Rights Oregon’s (BRO) Trans Justice Working Group (composed of transgender and genderqueer leaders) leapt into its labor in 2009, embarking on a process to identify organizing priorities for trans Oregonians. Health care, criminal justice, and discrimination topped the list.

- Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada (PLAN) is pushing for eight trans-rights bills at the state Capitol following their release of  “Equity for All: Key Findings of the Nevada Transgender Community Needs Assessment Survey,” a comprehensive report submitted to the Nevada Legislature which highlighted disturbing facts that lawmakers will have a hard time looking away from.

Gender Dominos Cover

- The use of language can be a powerful signifier for trans people to increase visibility and further trans equity. At the Center we’ve developed the "Gender Dominos" tool to help us use a shared language that is respectful to the LGBTQ community.


Read on and download the tool...



Crossing Borders, Uniting Communities

Joy Hunt

Once in a while, over drinks or in the company of good friends, LBGTQ people privately ask ourselves if winning the freedom to marry really matters. After all, we “marry” each other every day–in churches, on mountain tops, in the company of family and friends– just like every other couple. So why do we put ourselves through the heartache of fighting for legally recognized marriage? How much does it really matter if the straight world recognizes our marriages? After all we get married and love and cherish each other just fine without their approval every single day, right?

Read on...

Our Blog this month also featured: 

- No Woman Should Have To Go It Alone: Black Birth Experiences in Oregon

- Invisible Walls (from To the Left and Write zine)

- Empty (from To the Left and Write zine)


What will we call CSTI in 2012?

CSTI Name Change

We need your creativity and ideas to help rename CSTI! For more info on how to submit suggestions:

- On Facebook

- On WSC Website

Save the Date:

Join us for CSTI 2011 on July 29-31 


May Day Rallies & Marches in Oregon

On Sunday, May 1st, celebrate International Worker's Day:

In Salem, join CAUSA at the State Capitol. Please RSVP here.

* * *

In Portland, join VOZ Workers Rights Education Project and their partners at the South Park Blocks (SW Park/SW Salmon). Click for more info here.


Photo of the Month

George Cheung POTM










George Cheung of Seattle was in Portland for his last board of directors meeting in March and accepted a plaque for his fabulous service with Western States Center. We’ll miss you George.

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