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February 2012 eNewsletter

In this issue: The Politics of Breast Cancer; Survey of Black Mothers and Their Birthing Experiences Highlights Disparities; Facing Race: Oregon's first Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity; Indigenous Ways of Knowing and their work on inclusive of Two Spirit members in the Native community; Welcome Nina Narelle.

Dear friend,

As the Komen Foundation debacle unfolded I shared three reasons why their actions appalled me in The Politics of Breast Cancer. Along the lines of healthcare, Survey of Black Mothers and Their Birthing Experiences Highlights Disparities focuses on a group that used the survey results to successfully pass a bill in Oregon!

On MLK Jr. Day, the Center and six partner groups released Oregon's first Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity with a bang! We also have a feature story about Indigenous Ways of Knowing's work on bring Two Spirit inclusivity to the Native community. Last but not least, please join us in welcoming our newest Trainer and Organizer, Nina Narelle

In solidarity,

KK First Name

Kalpana Krishnamurthy
Gender Justice and RACE Program Director


The Politics of Breast Cancer


Like many of you, I was appalled by the recent decision of Susan G. Komen for the Cure, the nation's leading breast cancer awareness group, to pull funding from Planned Parenthood to do breast cancer screenings and other breast health related services.

Komen's grants to Planned Parenthood has helped women of color, uninsured women and refugee women to access cancer screening. So why stop this support if Komen is truly about ending breast cancer?

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Taking Our Message to the Capitol


I joined 60 organizers and activists to brave the snow and heavy rain in Portland to make our way to the Oregon State Capitol in Salem, where we presented every member of the Oregon Legislature with Facing Race: 2011 Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity. This first ever report card in Oregon grades our legislators based on how they voted on 23 pieces of legislation that would have impact all Oregonians, particularly communities of color. Released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day this report graded the Senate a “C” and the House a “D”

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Survey of Black Mothers and Their Birthing Experiences Highlights Disparities

Walidah Cropped

Black babies are twice as likely to be born with low birth weight, and to experience infant mortality, according to Portland-based Coalition of Communities of Color’s 2010 report, Communities of Color in Multnomah County: An Unsettling Profile. There is a birthing crisis in this country that is divided along color lines.

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Two Spirit People Work to Keep Traditions, Respect Alive

Uniting Communities (Street Roots)

For Se-ah-dom Edmo, her Native community’s inclusion of Two Spirit people had never been in doubt. As a child her parents taught her by example to be supportive of everyone in their community. She remembers her family taking in a young gay Native man that had been expelled by his own family.

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Welcome Nina!


This month, we welcome Nina Narelle to our staff. She brings with her of 15 years experience as a facilitator, organizer, and collaborative thinker. She works across programs with a focus on the VOTE civic engagement and WILD leadership development programs.



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