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July 2013 eNewsletter

In this issue: while get ready to be AMPed, we share more of our experiences with our own and our families immigration stories and lessons learned from marriage equality organizing.

July 2013 eNewsletter

Rally for Trayvon Martin in Portland

From Trayvon Martin in Florida to the anti-abortion law in Texas to Voting Rights Act ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court, it is easy for me to feel defeated by our judicial and legislative systems. It is moments like this when I need inspiring words such as those by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber of North Carolina’s NAACP. “…when you are hurting is when you need to be around people that still believe in the possibility of us being one people." I feel fortunate that in two days, at our AMP conference, I will be around 400 activists and organizers who believe in the possibility of and are working toward a more just world. 

In this enews, we continue to explore the immigration stories of our staff. And Rosa reflects on the importance of sharing personal stories to win hearts and minds. These are the stories that keep me going with my work and I hope they keep you going as well. 


Nancy Haque
Building Political Power Director


Our Immigration Stories: This political moment

Kawana and mom

In Part II of our immigration series, Cynthia talks with additional staff and reflect on this bittersweet political moment. She reminds us that, "It's times like these when we dig deeper to hold ourselves accountable to visions. And to hold ourselves and each other, period." Read more...

How my love for my niece led me to organize for marriage equality

Rosa and niece GabyRosa reflects on why she organizes for marriage equality and shares lessons learned from the campaigns in Illinois and Washington. "Connecting with people by sharing my story and speaking from the heart has proven to be the most effective way to sway undecided voters." Read more... 

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