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May 2012 eNewsletter

In this issue: A special series in celebration of Mother's Day

Dear friend,

Just days to Mama's Day! Maybe a Sunday brunch celebration is on your mind? Here at the Center we are hoping to whet a different kind of appetite. An appetite for the stories of mamas who often don’t get the star treatment. We’ll be featuring stories of mothers and the work they do to lift up the voices of other mamas in Washington state. Please stay tuned for more on our blog and our Facebook page. 

Bon Appetit,

Aimee first name sig

Aimee Santos-Lyons
Strong Families Northwest Project Manager


Motherhood: An Exercise in Fear Management

Aimee and kids

Twelve years later, and mamahood continues to be my most challenging struggle. Three kids and there’s a consistent sensation of always trying to catch up—with them and their daily needs, and with the ever-changing world they’re growing up in.

Let me be clear, I have often felt the most powerful being a mama to my three kids. But let me also be abundantly clear, I have also been at my weakest and most helpless being a mama to my kids. There are certainly times when I feel that being a mother is an exercise in fear management, working through varying levels of concern, anxiety, and sheer panic.



From Observer to Organizer: A Mom's Journey

Tammy-LillyBecoming a teen mom is like careening off a highway, then sitting in the ditch watching my peers go by, experiencing milestones that teens typically go through. Becoming a teen mom was hard in all the ways you expect it to be and being a single teen mom was even harder than I imagined. 

I got a lot of flack from my aunt because I was so young. “You’ve ruined our family's reputation. How could you do this to your mom?” she said. Those words cut deep. 



Coming on Friday


Nelida and kids

Nelida of Community to Community, was forcefully separated from her husband by Border Patrol officers when she was 8 months pregnant.

She currently organizes to stop racial profiling that affects documented and undocumented Latinos alike.  


Nadine and son

Nadine of Catalyst for Kids, is a Veteran Parent, someone who lost her child to child welfare system but has reunited with him. 

Nadine currently works to keep not just her life and child together, but other parents and children as well

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