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October 2009 E-newsletter

In this issue: Washington State Gearing Up for Major Ballot Measure Fights on November 3.

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Dear Friend,

Next week voters will cast their ballots in several states from Maine to Washington. Initiatives on social and economic issues are the hot topics. Read more about how organizers are working round-the-clock to get out the vote.

In solidarity,


Nancy Haque, Building Political Power Director


Hilary and Maya

In the Obama era of “yes we can,” the right is taking its battle back to the ballot box by sponsoring conservative initiatives that seek to tell progressives in no uncertain terms, “no, you can’t!”

Over the next several months, in regular and special elections, states will consider initiatives that keep social issues bubbling and tax issues hot. For a preview of how this might play out in your state, let’s take a look at what’s happening in Washington.

By now voters should have received their November ballots. Beyond candidates, there are two ballot measures that everyone should be concerned about – Referendum 71 and Initiative 1033. Read more...


Building long-term strategies for progressive social change requires resources. Together, we know that we can make a difference. Donate today!

Kalpana in AK

Center Travel: Picture of the Month

Kalpana visits Flattop Mountain in Alaska after speaking at the Environmental Grantmakers Association’s fall retreat in Anchorage. 

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